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Charging power companies Sunshine flower technology safety training for life escort

8/24/2014 1:52:05 AM


Charging power companies Sunshine flower technology effectively protect the life and property safety of employees , for employees happy to work for foster employee safety awareness , so that can effectively protect themselves , special safety training for the life of the escort .
  October 26, 2012 , Friday afternoon , Sunflower technology for employee safety training, held a training seminar , conducted fire drills , staff experience involved to ensure the safety of staff awareness of the letter.
  In the training process, through the lively argument to explain the personnel and legal provisions related to safe production instances interpretation combine to make employees keenly aware of the importance of safety in production. Meanwhile, through training, study personnel involved in safety awareness has been strengthened , the level of business has also been improved , both to implement the safety Meishun and electronics , but also allow the company employees grew safety knowledge , everyone knows to create a safe, everywhere by environmental safety norms do make safety work became the company's daily work a normal running smoothly. In addition , employees through training and their participation , either to further strengthen the protection of its own security , to the safety of life escort , but also promote the healthy development of the purpose of the utility company . In order to better provide quality rechargeable power for the user , to achieve " with our products make people's lives happier . Energy efficiency standards in line with international safety and high quality exquisite designs , hassle free service ."
  Far better than a rainy day too late to improve safety awareness , thus creating a good working and living environment and order , so that employees in their actions to build safe, civilized and harmonious happy life. By accident cases viewing with commentary training , employees see these happen all around the bloody lessons silent . Operating environment conducted hazard identification and prevention measures mastery and learning , employees feel benefit , in the usual work, life has contact with employees to understand , but the system is enhanced to explain the integration of employee safety .


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